Firearm Products of Interest
My favorite way of holding a
Henry Mare's Leg H001.
Glow-On paint applied to the
front sight of a Mare's Leg, with a
coating of Bondic plastic works
well to enhance the sighting.
Shoot 'N' Plink™
First day of shooting a Henry
Frontier H001, before mounting
a scope.
Using a Spee-D-Loader to load
the tube magazine of the Henry
First time out with the new Henry
Frontier - before sight
An Evil Roy and Golden Boy - two
of my favorite rifles.
A Ruger Bearcat revolver and
Henry Evil Roy.  Great western
Do-All Outdoors Targets
Adjusting the sights on the
Mare's Leg.  Once lowered it hit
dead on the bullseye, but difficult
to see in this photo.
Sling on my Henry Big Boy Steel
Carbine 357mag/38Special
This works great for steadying
the rifle for shooting
Tasco scope mounted to the
Henry Frontier.
A variety of Plano gun cases, and range bag, along with
a Henry Big Boy Steel and Frontier; and Browning
1911-22 and 1911-380.
Glow-On, used to paint gun sights
and other items, including fishing
lures.  It is non-toxic and
Browning 1911-380 (top) and
1911-22 (bottom).
Plano Range Bag with Browning 1911-22
and other shooting and cleaning products.
Protect your firearms and ammunition with Gun Protect products -
in and out of storage.
Browning 1911-22 with
extra magazines and
BoreSnakes, mat and cleaning
shooting Question?  
Clicking Here.
Dead on center area of a 6"
target shot at 50 yards using
new Federal 720 ammo, shot
from a Henry Golden Boy, when
testing different types.
ATI GSG FireFly 22 cal
Ruger LC380
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Twisted Industries LC22
Conversion Kit
1911-22 Black
Label Grey with
Umarex Beretta APX (left) and S&W M&P
40 (right) using Umarex CO2 with Steel BBs
and RWS pellet gun oil after the first time
Umarex NXG pump BB/Pellet rifle after
sighting in Tasco 3-7X20 scope, while using
RWS Hobby pellets.