49 Years In The Making

Dan Galusha is an award winning outdoor writer, TV and Radio fishing show host, with 13 AGLOW Crafts Awards (7 radio, 3 TV and 3 magazine), and six MIDWEST OUTDOORS' Reader's Choice Award, along with being inducted into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Communicator.

Along with his 49 years of outdoor media experience Dan is a long time field tester and promoter for several fishing tackle/equipment companies. He has also established 16 World Records (this includes eleven World Line Class Catch and Release records, one World Line Class Kept record, and three ALL TACKLE Catch-and-Release records), received five World Outstanding Angling Achievements, 230 state fishing awards, and 2 Ozark Mountain Region Fish Awards.

Dan's Fish 'N' Tales® is the title of one of Dan's magazine columns, radio/TV show, and one of the video series. He also conducts seminars under this same title.

In the 1980's he organized, conducted and competed in the Bass Wranglers, Inc bass tournament circuit. During that time he placed in the top 3 year end champions every year along with his partner, Rich Qualls.

He competed in other tournaments as well, but pushed it aside to go further into the electronic media side of things in numerous outlets, with the primary one being PBS, where he worked with award winning videographer/producer, Brad Mosier, who together won several awards, including one for the documentary titled "The World of Virgil Ward", which was about the fishing legends life and how he climbed to the top making history in the world of TV fishing shows.

In 2017 Dan decided to have a spinoff magazine column and video series from Dan's Fish 'N' Tales calling it Shoot 'N' Plink, after getting back into target shooting with a Henry Frontier lever action rifle.

Shoot 'N' Plink is primarily target shooting and plinking with small bore and air guns, knife and axe throwing and touching on Conceal Carry. It has reviews, "how to", and "what to" subjects on guns and related products and techniques.

There are hopes of bringing this all back to regular television should the sponsors be found.

Take a look through the website to find photos, videos and companies associated with Dan's Fish 'N' Tales and Shoot 'N' Plink .

As Dan says at the close of his columns and videos/shows - "Until next time, get out on the water and enjoy a great day of fishing", and "Until next time, shoot safe and have a great day of plinking."