Dan Galusha is available
for seminars on bass,
panfish or ice fishing.

A few of the most popular
subjects, including those  
listed on this page.  
Others are available, as
well as taking
suggestions from the
show promoter.

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Seminar Subjects
Shoreline Panfishing
Dan tells how to fish different conditions from shore
to catch bluegill and crappie.
Ice Fishing
Dan covers a large group of subjects in ice fishing
- safety, tackle, techniques, locations and using
electronics (color flasher and underwater camera).
Jigs for Bass
There are several types of jigs used in bass fishing -
swimming, casting, flipping, football and finesse, to
name a few.  In this seminar Dan covers the basic
methods of using these jigs with trailers to be
successful in flipping-pitching, swimming and
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Shoreline Bass
Techniques and tackle to use to catch bass from
Soft Plastics for Bass
Dan covers a variety of soft plastics, including worms,
tubes, grubs, jerky worms and "creature" baits; and
how to use them in casting and flipping-pitching
Finger Jigging - Plus, The In-Between Lure - A Road Runner
Finger Jigging is a technique developed by Dan, to be used for
multiple species of fish, whether fishing from the shore or a
An in-between lure that is one of the most productive when
used properly is the Road Runner.
These two techniques are discussed in the same seminar, as
they are both a "go to" technique and item when fishing gets
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